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Why Merino Wool Felt

 What You Should Know About Merino Wool Felt 

Wool, in its general form, is a natural fiber generated from shearing sheep's external covering. It's widely regarded for its crimped, elastic fibers. This fiber undergoes a process known as felting to form an inseparable fabric. The felting makes wool durable, resistant to flame, and compression with excellent dying ability. Also, wool is a naturally renewable fiber with 100% biodegradability. 

There are many sources for wool, but Merino sheep standards apart. This breed of sheep produces the highest quality of wool well-fitted for different clothing materials. Thus, Merino sheep are highly prized, thanks to their fine hair that gives us fluffy wool. 

Benefits of Merino Wool

Wool felt has been around since at least 700 BC. It's rated as one of the oldest human-made textiles. Merino wool Felt is high quality, eco-friendly, lightweight, durable, and requires little maintenance! 

What makes merino wool felt so desirable? 

Made from the finest of Merino sheepskin, Merino wool felt is one of the most elegant and fashionable materials used in the manufacturing of luxurious handbags. However, beyond its aesthetic look, merino wool felt offers so much more:

  • Water Repellency

Did you know that the Merino fiber surface has a waxy coating that repels liquid? Water droplets on the surface of merino will bead and roll off instead of being absorbed into the felt. This makes it a perfect choice for the rainy season. 

  • Odor Resistance

Merino felt gives zero tolerance for odor, which makes it stink-free. This desirable feature is attributed to lanoline and keratin, natural proteins with anti-bacterial and anti-fungi properties found in merino wool felt. 

  • Stain Resistance

Lanolin, the naturally occurring waxy coating on wool felt, makes wool water repellent and provides inherent stain resistance. This allows time for liquid spills to be blotted away before permanent staining can occur.

All these superior attributes make Merino wool felt handbag every woman's dream. Whether you want it as a tote bag, crossbody bag, or clutch – rest assured that you will find it handy here at Kat Faith. 



Why Kat Faith Merino Wool Felt?

Are you a fashion enthusiast? Do you desire rocking exquisite handbags that help you to steal the spotlight? If you answered "Yes" to any of these questions, then you should consider going for Kat Faith Merino wool felt. 

While Merino wool felt comes in various textures, colors; ours is of top-notch artistic design and careful selection of German-milled 100% wool. 

Widely regarded as nature's miracle fiber, Kat Faith Merino wool felt offers a wide range of natural selection of global apparel and accessories collections. Beyond its aesthetic look and comfy feel, all felt coming from the staple of Kat Faith is built with class. 

Our Merino wool is typically sourced primarily from Australia, New Zealand, and South Africa. 


Enjoy nature's bliss with Kat Faith Merino Wool Felt

  • Non-directional Felt

The felt is non-directional; it has no right side or wrong side, and the color is consistent throughout.

  • Highly saturated colors with lightfast property

Kat Faith accessories offer maximum durability. Our products do not fade, even when exposed to light consistently.

  • Stain and Moisture Resistant

Cleaning fabrics can be so tedious and time-consuming, especially for nursing moms and busy professionals. We understand that you hate it, and so do we! Consequently, we make Kat Faith felt in such a way that it naturally repels soiling. That's not all; you can rock our Merino wool felt in any weather condition, raining, snowy, or shining.  

  • Say goodbye to fraying

Kat Faith Merino wool felt is non-woven. This implies that you can cut and leave the edges raw without thinking about fraying. Sounds great, right? I bet it does!

  • Self-extinguishing and flame retardant

Safety is always a priority in every aspect. While no one hopes for fire incidence, our Merino felt offers you a level of protection as it's not only flame retardant, but self-extinguishing as well.

  • Renewable resources

As part of our effort to promote sustainability and the green revolution, we manufacture all our wool felt using renewable and highly convertible materials only. We don't just focus on glamourous looks; we protect our environment as well.  

  • Multiple Selection

 You have three different options when it comes to Kat Faith Classic Collection of handbags. Whether you want it as a tote bag, crossbody bag, or clutch, the choice is yours!

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