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Product Care

 Kat Faith intentionally curates and hand-picks the highest quality designed felt for all of our products. We understand that your wears are part of what defines you as a fashion enthusiast. We know you love and cherish them!

Your products are very precious to us and deserve the same care and affection from you every day. With such consideration and a few simple precautions, you are poised to enjoy your Kat Faith products for many years to come.


There are a few simple guidelines to follow that will prolong the longevity of your purchase and keep your Merino wool handbag in tip-top condition.

  • Hand Wash
  • Dry Clean OK 
  • Flat Iron OK 
  • No Machine Wash or Machine Dry 


Hand Wash

  • If a wet spill should occur, blot up the liquid with a dry cloth to avoid absorption
  • Avoid aggressive rubbing.
  • Remove stain by cleaning with moist paper towels to blot more water into the stain. Press and release a couple of times. Do not rub. 
  • Finish by blotting firmly with clean, dry paper towels until the area is nearly dry then lay out to dry. 

Note: Since our handbags have a mix of felt and leather, please don't use harsh chemical cleaners, water will do just fine!

Apply lent roll away

Lent rollers are the best dry stain option for your wool products to stay looking new. Slight shedding is normal and not indicative of any defect. These loosened fibers are easily vacuumed away or cleaned with a soft brush and will decrease over time.

Dry Clean OK

For removal of minor stains, you can dry clean, but we highly recommend a professional dry-cleaning company that is familiar with the special care of wool.

Flat Iron OK 

You won't have any problems ironing your design felt. Just ensure that you keep the temperature minimal to avoid burning.

No Machine Wash or Machine Dry

We understand that there may be a temptation to dry clean your design felt with a machine. But, please, don't do it! Using a washing machine on felt design materials will only reduce its durability.


Kat Faith uses cow-hides that are produced in Vicenza and originate from Northern Italy. It receives a special retainage which enriches the leather, tightens the grain, and provides a superior hand. We purposely have chosen to use the finest corrected grain, aniline leather, for all of our trim on our handbags and tassels.

Finished Leather

Our finished leather is smooth and has a satiny finish. This type of leather is easier to clean and condition than unfinished or natural leather. All leather is natural, but finished leather has an extra layer over it that protects its color, improves its texture, and also determines how porous it is. Polished leather will be less likely to stain and can resist water or other liquids. Cleaning these types of finished leather can be accomplished with cool, soapy water and a damp cloth.

Please note that certain inks or stains cannot be removed from leather just as they cannot be removed from any other fabrics.


If you have any questions about caring for your Kat Faith product, please feel free to contact us

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