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Katherine Hamaker's Bio

Katherine Hamaker is the founder and CEO of Kat Faith Incorporation, a leading fashion design and shopping store online that distributes exquisite handbags to women of all ages. We are dedicated to support the less privileged by committing a percentage of its earning to the well-being of the orphans by partnering with organizations that deal with child welfare. 

The journey so far

As the president of Kat Faith, my journey into the fashion industry began in 2006, when I enrolled for Fashion Study and Fashion Merchandising at Allan Hancock College. 

As a wife to a firefighter and a mother to four lovely kids (birthed two and took in two), I am a passionate entrepreneur, homeschool teacher, and business owner with six years of selling products on Etsy. 

In 2016 my husband and I became a Resource Family to take in my niece and nephew. A year later, (2017), we got Conservatorship over the two children. In those same years, my husband Evan and I were trained in child development, which has given me the ability to connect better with my niece and nephew and other kids that are struggling emotionally.

Being an orphan myself from the ages of 4 to 8, I understand what it means to lose one's parents. This experience has imbued into me natural affection, empathy, and emotional intelligence to identify even the unsaid needs of orphaned children. I realize that the events that had taken place in my life at such a tender age were not by accident; I understand that they only empowered me physically, psychologically, and emotionally in preparation for working in my chosen field. 

Consequently, I channeled my inner strengths and personal experience with the passion for designing and creating top-notch products to set up Kat Faith Inc. I am confident that this experience has equipped me with the necessary skills and knowledge to do good and achieve maximum success in my chosen path. 

Shopping with Kat Faith is unique in the sense that purchasing our products automatically qualifies you to partake in achieving our mission to improve the lives of the less privileged around us.

At Kat Faith, we are reputable for creating quality, and stylish products manufactured from the finest of Italian leather and the rarest of merino wool design. You will get sustainable products, and authentic designs that are built to last. All items in stock with us are strictly handmade and manufactured in the USA with the hardware made from natural solid brass for extended durability. 

Shopping with us will enable us to jointly achieve our vision of helping the orphanages in need, while you get high-quality handbags in return – a win-win!

At Kat Faith we love it when you win twice!